Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Trip

Dear Avary Elle,

For your first big trip, we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Boise. We were so nervous about flying with you but you did sooo well. The flight attendants kept mentioning to us that you were the best baby they have ever had on a flight. You barely made a peep. When we got to Boise, Grandma and Grandpa bought you a car seat, and you looked so tiny in it! While we were there we went shopping, played ping pong, and everyone spoiled you. Grandpa loves to feed you bottles... because he is a big nerd. We had so much fun, and everyone was sad when we had to go home.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Avary's Blessing

Dear Avary Elle,
We had your blessing just recently, and we had family come in town for it. We had Grandma and Grandpa Bertoch, plus all your aunties and uncles from the Bertoch side, Dylan, Kelsey, Josh and Abbey. Plus Gramma Jamma came, as well as Grandpa Beckstrom and aunt Suzanne. Not to mention our wonderful friends the Bolins and Stotts came as well! To bad your mother was late to church and almost missed your big day! Thats what I get to be the last one to shower! But I made it just in time. Thank HEAVEN! Daddy gave you the blessing and it was very special. We love you so much and you were so beautiful on your special day!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2 month Appt

Dear Avary Elle,

This is how I find you sometimes in your swing, I think you might be air-ing out your fat rolls under your neck. I dont think this could be very comfy, but you were out like a light, so I didnt try to move you!

Having some mommy time.


SoOoO cute!

You had your 2 month appointment this week! You are sooo big!! You weighed in at 12 pounds 1 oz! you've gained pretty much 5 pounds since birth. I cant believe how much you've grown already.

Weight 12 ;bs 1 oz 75%

Height 23 inches 90%

Not only are you heavy but your also tall! I wonder sometimes if there is any of me in you? You are so much like your dad! You still have blue blue eyes, maybe they will stay like that? We will see!

I love you forever Avary! muah!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dear Avary Elle,

Dear Avary Elle,

Hello my love! I am starting this blog as my journal and hopefully it will someday be a keepsake for you as I keep track of all the cute things you do and all your milestones. So here we go. Let's start from top. Your dad and I met in college in 2004. We very quickly became best friends and ended up dating for 2 years! We were married on October 7, 2006 in the Bountiful Temple. We tried to start our family about a year into our marriage and had a hard time getting pregnant. Once we did get pregnant, I had a couple of miscarriages, which were really hard for me. Luckily, on Sept. 2nd, 2009, I decided to take a pregnancy test. I had been feeling sick all night, so I woke up bright and early to take the test and discovered I was PREGNANT! I was thrilled. I couldn't stop smiling! I drove to dad's work at Skywest and told him the wonderful news. Soon we told family and friends and they were all so excited for us. I had a really hard pregnancy. I was sick all day long, throwing up non stop! Finally at about 7 months, I felt better.

Then on April 29, 2010, I had to wake up pretty early because we were having our carpets cleaned that day. So I was up about 8:30am. I wasnt feeling well, so I tried to eat something, but still didnt feel better. So me and aunt Kelsey, (who was living with us at the time), decided to go on a walk. We soon figured out that my contractions were coming every 7 minutes. We went home and tried to get a nap, but I could barely sleep because it hurt so bad. So I went to the doctors office but he wasn't there, so they sent me to labor and delivery to get checked. I was 90% thinned and a 3 so they called my doctor and he said he would come break my water. Once Dr. Chalmers got there 20 mins later I was dilated to a 5. Thank heavens I got my epidural, I dont get how anyone can do it or would WANT to do it naturally. I enjoyed it so much more! You had pooped in the womb so they had to have a staff there in case any fluid got into your lungs when you were born. I was really excited to get you here, so before I knew it, I was a 10 and ready to push. You came only after 10 mins of pushing and 4 contractions! They laid you on my chest, and I felt this feeling of complete joy, and gratitude for being so blessed with such a perfect baby. I loved you from the moment I found out I was pregnant and then seeing you for the first time was the best day of my entire life. You were born:
April 29, 2010
at 9:19pm
Weighing 7 lbs 4 oz
20 inches long

Funny thing is that our best friend Brandon and Heather had their baby Lucas exactly one hour before you! He might have beat you here but you trump him in weight and height

Here are some pictures of you on your birth day! We love you Avary Elle!